Exchange Tanks

Maintenance Free Water Treatment for residential and small commercial applications. This is especially convenient for those customers who cannot lift salt or who may have wastewater restrictions. Portable exchange tank service is what started our company back in 1968 and with the completion of our new regeneration plant, we are committed to continue offering this service. PE tanks offer the following benefits:
  • Simple and easy solution with minimal expense
  • Solves common problems of irony water, odor, hardness and/or acidic water
  • Low-cost option for seasonal homes
  • Exchanged every 28 days with regenerated tanks
  • All tanks are regenerated at Sharp Water's state certified plant
  • No salt and no electricity
  • No mechanical timer
  • Prolongs the life of appliances, fixtures and clothes

Our drivers will ensure your clean tanks are delivered on time every month regardless of the weather.

Our tanks can remove iron, hardness, odor, and can raise pH.

These tanks can be custom loaded to remove arsenic and VOC's.