Common Water Problems

Water Problem: Iron

Irony water is created when water passes through iron-bearing rocks.  Because iron accounts for 5% of all the earth's crust, it can be found in just about all our water supplies.  And if you have galvanized pipes in your home, it can be caused when water sits in your pipes.  The EPA Secondary Drinking Water limit for iron is only 0.3 parts per million (ppm) but we have wells in the Mid-Atlantic region in excess of 100 ppm!  Water above 0.3 ppm causes staining on fixtures and laundry, makes water smell and taste bad, and can even clog pipes leading to pressure loss.

Solution: Iron Cleer® | Gold Series | H.E. Series

The top of the line High-Efficiency (H.E.) series can handle iron up to 30 ppm!  Larger light commercial equipment can handle even higher levels of iron we occasionally find in the Mid-Atlantic region.  And these units are so superior that they can also remove radium, barium, and soluble lead while saving you 50% or more on salt costs!  The Gold Series can also handle very high iron levels but is a less expensive alternative without all the advanced features of the H.E.  And the Iron-Cleer® is designed to remove oxidized iron that can clog a water softener.  To learn more and get a FREE in-home water analysis and estimate, call Sharp Water Culligan today at 800-439-3853.