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Since 1968 we have been solving the most complex array of water challenges for countless homes and businesses alike, earning the confidence of thousands of customers over the years. Today, Sharp Water Culligan offers the most experienced and professional staff on the Eastern Seaboard, along with top quality products from Culligan, the world’s most recognized brand of residential and commercial water treatment equipment.

From Whole Home Water Conditioners, Reverse Osmosis Water Purifiers and Water Softener systems to carbon filtration, chlorination and dechlorination equipment, as well as nitrate and arsenic removal systems, Sharp Water Culligan consistently delivers, time-after-time, the best-in-class water treatment technologies and services, making us the right choice for all your water treatment needs.

As a water treatment innovator, we were also the first and only dealership to launch the Water Solution Center™ to help inform consumers about the specific problems they may encounter throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region. Whether you see cloudy or discolored water, blue-green stains, spots on fixtures and glassware, soap scum on tubs and shower walls, or experience anything from dry skin to bad tasting and smelling water, you will find the answers you seek by just clicking on the blue button to the right.

Although our service is incomparable, CONTACT US today and compare our prices and value before you buy or rent anywhere else.